Aro Asset Management

About Us

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We are Investment managers

We work closely with our advisors to align our portfolios with their clients' profiles.

Aro's process begins where our advisors are now, and end where they see their business in the future. This is not just a investment strategy – this is a comprehensive client-centric process. We focus on long term goals while complimenting adviser's expertise, with an emphasis on investment management. These questions allow to provide the best strategy for managing your investments


To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the investment experience as a compliant and fluid process to endeavor for the best outcome for all parties concerned - the manager, advisor and the investor.


To provide the most efficient and effective service where advisors and their clients are engaged, informed and content.

Our Team

Nick Dempster

Managing Director/ CIO

Nick is Managing Director and portfolio manager.

Nick is responsible for the overall strategy and risk management for the portfolios.  

Nick has over 20 years’ experience in financial markets, including trading derivatives, foreign exchange and equities.

Before starting Aro in 2016, Nick previously work with an Investment Bank and stockbroking houses, and commodity trader, primarily in portfolio management, derivative risk management and stockbroking.

Guy Le Page

Portfolio Analyst

Guy is responsible for the portfolio’s stock and economic research and analysis.

He is currently a Director and Corporate Adviser of RM Corporate Finance and a Director of RM Capital,

He’s involved in a range of corporate initiatives such as Mergers and Acquisitions, IPOs and valuations, as well as corporate advisory roles. 

Guy has been in the financial industry for over 20 years in research and corporate advisory roles, including as Head of Research at Morgan Stockbroking, 

Nhat Huang


Nhat is responsible for the financial modelling and testing for Aro’s portfolios.

He is also currently WA Deputy Director for Australian Mathematics Trust, focusing on training young Mathematicians to represent WA in national and international competitions.

He’s a specialist in Financial Modelling & Simulation, and fluent with PostgreSQL, R, Python, C++, C, and Pascal.