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Aro Asset Management is a boutique investment manager specialising in Australian equities. Aro manages funds on behalf of financial planners, individual investors, family offices, and institutions with a focus on long-term outcomes for its investors.

Aro also provides multi-asset investment solutions and frameworks for financial planners, allowing them to service clients in a risk-managed and efficient way, allowing advisers to concentrate more on their clients and business.

With over 20 years of experience in financial markets, our group of professionals are dedicated to the management of funds with a focus on macroeconomics and risk analysis.

The firm’s focus and vision is to build long term, trusted relationships by providing value-based outcomes for both financial advisers and investors.

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Bespoke Adviser Solutions
Growing wealth by managing portfolios

Aro provides a comprehensive asset management offering; investing in listed securities, managed funds and fixed interest securities, structured to suit specific financial circumstances.

Aro offers both a top-down approach equities investment, as well as multi-asset investment solutions designed to help advisers tailor strategies for their clients.


Personalised service

Our centralised investment solution is designed to reduce the complicity and workload for the planner while improving the client experience.

By tailoring the service for the financial planner, Aro can incorporate risk profiling within the process, thereby providing a solution that reduces risk to the planners and streamlines the investment process. The aim is to provide a process that allow planners to have their clients’ assets professionally managed while enhancing their personal relationship with their clients.

Protect investment

At Aro Asset Management the protection of assets is paramount. We focus on long term returns with lower risk using our expertise, frameworks and fintech.

Limit risks

We are risk focussed over the long term and mitigating risk is crucial. We understand the appetite for risk for each client is unique and so risk profiling is critical.

Big picture

We have a long term view to building wealth and appreciating assets over time in an evolving operating environment and changing financial landscape.

Reduce volatility

Our underlying strategy is to provide a non-benchmarked, reduced volatility fund suited for investors with a long-term investment horizon.

Ignore the noise

Through our diverse range of experience and depth of market knowledge, we are strategically well positioned in our approach to fluctuating markets.

Long term focus

We have a long term focus for higher, more consistent returns.


People are the currency of trust. The priority for Aro Asset Management is building trust and confidence with our investors and their advisers through honest communication and transparency. It is important that our values and expectations align so we can build a foundation that can endure with longevity.

We are focused on a long-term approach built on long-term relationships.

For this to work, integrity, trust and reliability is critical for our business.

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Future horizons

Aro Asset Management are strategically well positioned in our approach to an ever changing market to provide advice and support to financial advisers to enhance their offering to their clients through our people, processes, robust system frameworks and fintech.


Centralised Investment Proposition

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ASX listed Companies
negative years in ASX since 1900
average return of ASX since 1900


The highly qualified, dedicated professionals at Aro Asset Management are committed to developing long term trusted and valued relationships throughout the business, serving the needs of investors across Australia and abroad.


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Nick Dempster
Chief Investment Officer

Nick is the Managing Director of Aro Asset Management and is responsible for the strategy and mandates for the portfolios.

Nick begun developing the underlying risk strategy in 2008 and has applied it across his clients’ portfolios over the past 5 years. The same strategy is now used across all Aro’s portfolios.

Nick is also a Director of Credence Wealth Management.

Nick has over 20 years’ experience in financial markets, including derivatives, foreign exchange and equities. He previously worked with Macquarie Bank from 2004 to 2010, then Euroz Securities from 2010 to 2016, as a portfolio manager and stockbroker.

Prior to Macquarie, he worked as a senior trader for Elders Ltd, managing derivatives and foreign exchange positions as part of a national risk management team.

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Guy Le Page
Portfolio Analyst

Guy is responsible for the portfolio’s stock and economic research and analysis.

He is currently a Director & Corporate Adviser of RM Corporate Finance and is actively involved in a range of corporate initiatives including mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and corporate advisory roles. Guy is also a Director of RM Capital.

Guy was Head of Research at Morgan Stockbroking Limited prior to joining Tolhurst Noall as a Corporate Advisor in 1998. As Head of Research, Mr Le Page was responsible for the supervision of all Industrial and Resources Research.

Guy has also acted as a director to both private and public companies.

Prior to entering the stockbroking industry, he spent 10 years as an geologist in Australia, Canada and the United States.

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Nhat Hoang
Statistician / Analyst

Nhat is responsible for the financial modelling and testing for the portfolios.

Nhat graduated from ANU in 2014 with a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies + Bachelor of Finance. (Triple Major: Actuary, Quantitative Finance, Accounting).

He currently is WA Deputy Director for Australian Mathematics Trust, focusing on training young Mathematicians to represent WA in national and international competitions.

Nhat specialised in Financial Modelling and Simulation, fluent with PostgreSQL, R, Python, C++, C, and Pascal.


Aro’s investment committee has 45 years combined experience in portfolio construction. The firm currently offer clients a range of Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s) with varied risk profiles.

These investments meet strict criteria for inclusion in the portfolios which include: short, medium and long-term track record and volatility and risk adjusted returns.


We focus on our key objective of developing long term relationships and partnerships with clients to offer long term returns with lower risk.

Risk management and governance, and best practice is critical and the dedication and diversity of the Aro Asset Management team and their industry experience plays a key role in our investment philosophy and its effectiveness.

In the long-term, markets follow economic cycles

  • Economic behaviour tends to be cyclical in the long term, which can present opportunities.
  • These cycles may take many years to complete.

Short-term market behaviour has little bearing on long-term market performance

  • The market is emotional and short-sighted.
  • This market volatility provides short-term and long-term investment opportunities

Short-term Investment Management can complement a Long-term Strategy

  • A long-term strategy can work alongside a short-term strategy, as long as the underlying methodology does not conflict.

Cross correlation of assets can improve the long-term efficiency of a portfolio

  • Increasing the Alpha of a portfolio is an efficient way to improve the long-term return for a given estimated volatility.
  • Recognising correlations between assets and asset classes can improve returns while reducing volatility.
Model Portfolios
  • Available via Macquarie Wrap
Aro Macro Australian Equities

The Aro Macro Australian Equities Model Portfolio is designed for investors with a long-term time horizon seeking capital growth, a broad share market exposure, and looking for performance during all stages of the market cycle. This SMA Model Portfolio is well suited to blend with other assets as part of a diversified portfolio.

Overview of the Aro Macro Portfolio:

  • A pro-actively managed investment with a focus on long-term market risk;
  • Unique risk-focused macroeconomic strategy;
  • Long-term application (over 10 years);
  • Overlays traditional portfolio management;
  • Focuses on the downside risk;
  • Based on the underlying economic drivers;
  • Targeting 10% pa above cash rate whilst optimising risk to return.
Risk Profile Portfolios

RM Conservative          RM Balanced          RM Growth

These Portfolios are designed for investors and their clients seeking certain outcomes and with given risk tolerance, seeking long term income and capital growth through exposure across a range of asset classes, with some capital stability, using a non-index weighted investment process.

Tailored to the needs of clients, these portfolios can be employed within Aro’s Centralised Advice Proposition, allowing advisers to efficiently manage their clients wealth in an efficient and compliant way.

Macro Equities Portfolio – Quarterly Report Conservative Portfolio – Quarterly Report Balanced Portfolio – Quarterly Report Growth Portfolio – Quarterly Report


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